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Why therapy?



"Who looks outside, dreams, who looks inside, awakes"



Psychodynamic therapy is a form of talking therapy that differs from other modalities, e.g. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, in its assumption that unconscious parts of our mind often drives patterns of thoughts or behaviour. Exploring the unconscious part of these thoughts, behaviour or feelings can help you gain insight into yourself and gradually allows positive change in your life.

We can all experience emotional difficulties in life. Some resolve themselves but others persist. They may be caused by a recent life event such as relationship issues, changes, bereavement or job loss. They may be more deeply rooted and can be experienced as anxiety, depression or lack of self-esteem. There may not be a specific event but a sense of feeling stuck in life and wanting a change.  

​Talking to a professional trained to listen and respond to your concerns in a particular way can help you gain a better understanding and process unresolved issues. Therapy provides you with the opportunity to explore your concerns in a safe and contained environment.

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